A “heroic dose” of mushrooms means just that: A dose so high that it’s deemed courageous, bold, even valiant.

It’s got less to do with the actual dose and more about with the kind of experience it invokes. Think paradigm-shattering, life-altering, consciousness-shifting, and soul-nourishing other-worldliness.

Of course, it’s different for everyone, but if you’re looking for nothing but a fun way to pass the time, a heroic dose of mushrooms isn’t it. 

Starting out as beautiful microscopic spores, the fruiting bodies of fungi like Psilocybe Cubensis have so much more to offer.

Experienced psychonauts and spiritualists will tell you: Respect the “Flesh of the Gods” or prepare to be humbled. 

So what is a heroic dose of mushrooms anyway? How do you prepare, and what can you expect? Are Golden Teacher mushrooms the right fit? 

Join us as we dive headfirst into the magic behind the mushrooms to answer these questions and more.


What is a Heroic Dose of Mushrooms?


Golden Teachers Mushrooms and the Heroic Dose


A “heroic dose” of mushrooms was famously coined by ethnobotanist, mystic, and Stoned Ape theorist Terrence Mckenna. Also known as a “committed dose,” it consists of taking five grams of dried magic mushrooms. 

Mckenna’s method didn’t only concern dosage but also the setting: In silence, darkness, and alone with your eyes closed. 

Although there aren’t any hard and fast rules, it makes sense to experience a heroic dose of mushrooms in such a way—without outside distractions or influences.

Similarly, your “committed dose” might differ from the next person’s. Some may find three grams adequate, while others need six. It’s all about what works for you. 

There’s no point doing a heroic dose of mushrooms if the experience is so shell-shocking that you can’t really understand or appreciate it. 

On the other hand, if you want to dig deep, you have to be willing to venture outside of your comfort zone—just not too far that you fall off the edge. 

It sounds terrifying, so why would anyone want to do that in the first place? 

The reasons vary—from finding inner healing and connectedness to seeking out spiritual communion or achieving an emotional breakthrough.

Interestingly, regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs, many accounts report an indescribable “oneness” with the Universe or God.  

Whatever your intention, you’ll seldom (if ever) come away from doing a heroic dose of mushrooms without having a deeply profound experience. 

You can expect the journey to last anywhere between 6–8 hours, although time dilation can make that feel like an eternity. Psilocybin magic mushrooms work in mysterious ways. No two experiences are alike, and mindset and setting have significant influence. 

A heroic dose of mushrooms also depends on the type of mushroom you use. Psilocybe Cubensis varieties like Golden Teachers are the go-to for many psychonauts and spiritualists. Let’s explore why.


Why Choose Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms?

Psilocybe Cubensis is the most well-known genus of psilocybin-containing fungi around. It has over 200 varieties, with Golden Teachers being one of the most popular.

Many prefer a heroic dose of these mushrooms compared to other varieties.

The elegant golden-capped shrooms are revered for their gentle yet powerfully introspective effects. Unlike the intense, carefree, and kaleidoscopic Penis Envy or Alacabenzi, GTs take you by the hand, leading you through the layers of reality one step at a time.

It’s a matter of potency and effects, kind of like a sativa vs. indica cannabis strain. Golden Teachers typically contain moderate amounts of psilocybin compared to heavy-hitters like Penis Envys.

With Golden Teacher magic mushrooms, a heroic dose is no less poignant. The way the effects manifest are different, though. Ultimately, it boils down to previous experience and personal preference.

The effects of Golden Teacher mushrooms are known to be philosophical, introspective, and inwardly reflective—perfect for a heroic dose.


Preparing for a Heroic Dose of Mushrooms

As with anything mind-altering, research, understanding, and preparation are vital. Remember, a “committed” or “heroic” dose doesn’t necessarily mean five grams. 


Golden Teachers Mushrooms and the Heroic Dose


If you’ve never taken magic mushrooms before, it may be a good idea to start small and build up. Increase your dose incrementally over a few trips. That way, you can gauge your experience and determine what a heroic dose of mushrooms means for you.

You’ll also build up some confidence, which helps to allay any fears of going deeper into the abyss. Here are a few important aspects to keep in mind before taking a heroic dose of mushrooms:



An intense or profound experience starts with taking the necessary precautions. Consider the following and give yourself ample time to prepare:

  • Medical considerations: Never ingest magic mushrooms without consulting medical experts and professionals. Everyone’s different, and medication, medical conditions, and state of mind all affect your experience with a heroic dose of mushrooms.
  • Legalities: Do your research and always abide by your region’s laws. You don’t want to end up in hot water.
  • Environment: Prepare a controlled space beforehand. Outside disturbances can throw you off, so you’ll want somewhere quiet, stress-free, and safe to go on your trip. 
  • Time: Make any necessary arrangements in advance, giving yourself at least ten hours of free time with no other responsibilities. You’ll also want time to reflect afterward, so an entire night or day is preferable.
  • Personal safety: Find an expert guide or sober “trip sitter” to keep an eye on you if you’re inexperienced or anxious.
  • Diet: Avoid any alcohol, rich or spicy food, and highly-processed meals at least three days before you take your heroic dose of mushrooms. You don’t want to strain your digestive system. Stick to fresh fruit and vegetables as much as you can.
  • Hydration: Drink enough water before, during (if possible), and after your experience. You don’t want something as small as a dry mouth to affect you negatively. 

Now that all the practical stuff’s out of the way, it’s time to focus on the deeper preparations.



Meditate on the reasons behind your desire to take a heroic dose of mushrooms. Why are you going on this journey? What are you hoping to accomplish? Do you have specific issues you’d like to address? 

Remember, there’s a fine line between intent and expectation. Your heroic dose of mushrooms will present the lessons you need, not the experience you necessarily want.

Setting an intention helps steer the ship through the waters of your ever-expanding consciousness. But ultimately, you have no control over the tide. 

So set your intentions but let go of any expectations at the same time. 


Mindset and Setting

Whether you’re doing a low, moderate, or heroic dose of mushrooms, mindset and setting are perhaps the biggest factors dictating your psilocybin experience. If you’re in a bad mood, chances are your trip will reflect that.

Take some time out beforehand to do a little self-care. Relax, unwind, and let go of the day’s worries. If you still feel like you’re not in the right headspace, that’s okay too. Be gentle with yourself and rather reschedule your heroic dose of mushrooms.

It’s also normal to be somewhat anxious, especially the first time. Nobody wants a “bad trip.” As long as you’re in a safe environment, you can mentally prepare and try your best to let go of any fears. 

After a heroic dose of magic mushrooms, you’re way more sensitive to the outside world. That’s why it’s absolutely vital to choose a space where you’re entirely comfortable and at ease. 

If you’re not going at it alone, be picky about who you let into your space. Another person can drastically change your experience with their presence alone.

Lastly, think of any small things you might overlook, like warm blankets, soft pillows, open or closed windows, and comfortable clothing. Switch your devices off and leave them in another room, too.


Magic Mushrooms: The Heroic Dose and Journey

So you’ve made all your preparations, and you’re ready to take your heroic dose of mushrooms. Here’s a guideline of what to expect (keeping in mind that no two experiences are the same):


Golden Teachers Mushrooms and the Heroic Dose


The Onset

Magic mushrooms kick in around 20 minutes after ingestion. You’ll feel weightless as the tethers of your ordinary, structured way of thinking start to unravel. Your awareness slowly expands as you make your ascent into an altered consciousness.

Once your heroic dose of mushrooms takes hold, your initial reaction may be to resist the change. That only makes it harder, though. You may notice anxiety set in, and your cheeks may feel flushed. Some people also report a bit of initial nausea. 

The anxiety and nausea will pass. Accept, breathe easy, and go with the flow. 

Every climbing moment is different as illusory concepts like time, space, and the individual “self” fall away. Your heroic dose of mushrooms is taking you up and into a new realm. 

You’re no longer limited by deeply ingrained thought patterns and perceptions that dictate your everyday consciousness.

Philosopher Alan Watts once said, “Ordinary everyday consciousness leaves out more than it lets in.”  

Indeed, psilocybin removes that filter and opens the floodgates, allowing you to see, experience, and understand reality in new, unimaginable, and beautiful ways.  


The Peak

Your heroic dose of mushrooms is in full swing. It’s the unexplainable, indescribable, and most intense part of your journey. It’s less about philosophical ideas and baseline emotions and more about truly feeling and experiencing. 

Ironically, it feels more real than anything else. This is precisely why magic mushrooms can help people with various conditions, from anxiety and depression to PTSD, addiction, and other mood-related disorders.

Let’s take a simple example. Think about when you’re sad, happy, or angry under normal circumstances. Your mind runs over and over the things, people, or actions that make you feel that way. 

A heroic dose of mushrooms strips all of that “noise” away. You’re left with nothing but the actual feeling and the beautiful ability to experience it outside of your normal self. Preconceived thoughts, ideas, and judgments have no place in this realm. 

Facing suppressed emotions, traumas, experiences, or issues without your mind’s constant chatter paves the way for new understanding, closure, healing, and appreciation. 

Deeply-held ideas of yourself and your reality fall away, allowing you to find connection and meaning. 

This is what a heroic dose of mushrooms is all about. It’s an experience unique to you and profound in ways only you can truly appreciate.


The Descent

As your journey starts its descent, the intensity of the effects begins to dissipate. Coming back into your own awareness is a beautiful experience and, arguably, quite useful. It’s much easier to describe than the peak but no less meaningful.

Your heroic dose of mushrooms gives you an expansive, magical lens with which to see the world. Child-like wonder carries you off into the depths of a leaf, a burning candle, or the sounds of the wind.  

Everything’s rich with meaning and connection as you lose yourself in appreciation and awe. These moments are conduits for great understanding and inner healing, and the experience stays with you long after your heroic dose of mushrooms wears off.


The Integration

After your heroic dose of mushrooms takes you to the depths of your soul and back again, reflection sets in. Thinking about your experience in your normal state of consciousness may also bring about new insights. Keep a journal handy to write down any revelations you feel you might forget. 

Magic mushrooms are a tool. Ultimately, though, it’s still up to you to take what you’ve learned and experienced, and apply it to your everyday life.  


A Heroic Dose: From Mushroom Spores to Spiritual Experiences

With magic mushrooms, a heroic dose is about finding what works for you. There’s no wrong or right way, but ample preparation is vital. Many opt for Golden Teachers though it’s ultimately your choice.

Once practical considerations like safety, time, and self-care are taken care of, you can focus on your intent, mindset, and setting. 

When taking your heroic dose of mushrooms, let go of fears and expectations, and embrace the journey. Be open and receptive from the onset, through the peak, and as you descend back to earth. Afterward, integration and reflection will help bring your experience and any lessons into your everyday life.

If you want to understand psilocybin fungi better, start from the beginning and get yourself some spores from our online store. You can start a collection or simply keep them for research purposes. 

Seeing where magic mushrooms come from is a beautiful experience in itself, and when the time comes, you’ll appreciate your heroic dose of mushrooms even more!