Many ways exist to unlock the magic from your mushrooms. One of the most popular—but least studied—is the lemon tek approach. 


The magic ingredient? Citrus fruits!


Despite no scientific evidence yet, anecdotal reports say the lemon tek method helps you experience the effects of shrooms faster and more intensely. The craze is spreading rapidly by word of mouth, and consumers everywhere can’t get enough. 


Want to join the party and enjoy a little treat at the end of your day? 


You’re in the right place. We unravel what the technique entails, how to lemon tek mushrooms, and the benefits compared to other consumption methods.


Join us on a journey through psychedelic dimensions as we get lemon tekking.


lemon tek

What Is Lemon Tekking?

The lemon tek approach to enjoying your magical shrooms involves preparing the psilocybin kind by soaking them in citrus juice. Most consumers prefer lemon juice, but some other citric fruits are just as good. 


How Does It Work?

No one is 100% sure, but it appears the citric acids work like those in your stomach. The lemon tek method breaks down and partially digests your dried mushrooms, so your body doesn’t have to!


The pH in citric juices is similar to that of your gut. Broken down lemon tek shrooms aid absorption in your body, which isn’t always easy in some individuals. 


Citrus juice exposes and then converts the psilocybin into psilocin—the part responsible for those psychedelic sensations we love. All in all, the lemon tek practice makes for a much smoother way to consume your shrooms.


What’s The Result?

You enjoy a shorter but more intense psychedelic journey upon ingestion. When you lemon tek shrooms, the effects come on much quicker and last 2–4 hours less than when you swallow them the conventional way.


Many consumers report an enhanced experience and sometimes reduced nausea—something we could all do without, right?


Most individuals mention when they lemon tek mushrooms, the sensations are less physical and headier. Expect to enjoy plenty of fractal visuals and profound spirituality and not feel exhausted after the journey.


Is Lemon Tek For Everyone?

If you’re an absolute novice, we recommend conventional consumption to begin with. The fast and strong lemon tek experience may be too much for first-timers.


The technique is ideal for psychonauts looking for a more economical and intense trip. It’s also perfect for those with sensitive stomachs, as many consumers say it reduces nausea. 


Certain individuals have a genetic mutation in which they lack the enzyme chitinase needed to break down the shrooms’ cell wall. Lemon tek could potentially make the psilocybin experience a lot more comfortable for them.


What Does Lemon Tekking Feel Like?

The psychedelic journey after you lemon tek mushrooms varies for each individual, just like with consuming shrooms the conventional way. It depends on various factors, including:


  • The amount of lemon tek you consume.
  • Your tolerance of magic mushrooms.
  • Your state of mind before you ingest the concoction.


Some users prefer lemon tekking as the experience is faster, and they feel the effects quickly. Others mention how the trip is over too soon. A majority of individuals confirm the reports of a more profound journey and heightened visuals. 


lemon tek



How To Lemon Tek

Has the mushroom lemon tek method got you excited to try it? We’re not surprised! The enhanced trip and reported benefits appeal to many, and conjuring up your own tek is easy and practical. 


Below, we share how to lemon tek in just a few simple steps. Before you begin, gather the following common items:


  • Around half your usual dose of psilocybin mushrooms
  • 1–2 lemons—however much you’d add to a glass of fresh lemonade—or other acidic fruit of your choice
  • A coffee or weed grinder
  • A coffee filter or cheesecloth (optional for a more enjoyable experience)
  • A small shot glass


Once you’re ready, follow these steps on how to make lemon tek:


  1. Slowly grind your shrooms into a fine powder before pouring them into the small shot glass. Some users choose a blender for this step, but a high-quality grinder gives you a much finer consistency.
  2. Squeeze the citrus juice over the powder until you completely cover it. 
  3. Let the lemon tek mix of powder and juice sit for around 20 minutes. Stir and shake every few minutes to encourage the reaction.
  4. Optional step: Squeeze the juice from the dried mushroom material using the cheesecloth or coffee filter. This step may reduce nausea before you come up.
  5. Drink the lemon tek concoction like you would a shot. If you prefer to sip the mixture, fill the rest of the glass with water.


How Long Does It Take For Lemon Tek To Kick In?

After drinking the mushroom lemon tek, expect the medicinal effects to kick in as fast as 10–45 minutes. 


The release of regular dried shrooms takes 30–90 minutes for you to feel anything, making this method a fast-track ride. Your experience should last up to six hours compared to eight when eating shrooms.


How Many Mushrooms Should I Use?

The strong effects of using this method mean the lemon tek dosage needs to be half or even a third of what you’d usually ingest. Expect an extremely intense ride if you make this concoction with your regular dose (not recommended).


Which Shrooms Are Best For Lemon Tekking?

Plenty of types of mushrooms exist for you to make lemon tek with. The shrooms you pick also determine how pronounced and persistent the sensations are.


The common indoor strain Psilocybin cubensis produces the most popular lemon tek mushrooms. Other magic truffle variants like P. tampensis and P. mexicana also work well.


Lemon tekking isn’t ideal for the stronger mushrooms like P. azurescens and Penis Envy. Remember; the effects are much more potent when you lemon tek shrooms. Opting for a strong variety, to begin with, could make your experience way too intense.


Can I Lemon Tek When Microdosing?

It’s not the best idea. The lemon tek method is meant for concentrating the psilocybin experience into a shorter period. Microdosing shrooms draws out the trip. Combining these techniques causes them to cancel each other out, rendering your efforts useless.


Can I Make Lemon Tek Tea?

Yes, of course. Make the concoction using the above process to create a delicious lemon tek tea. Then, brew your favorite hot tea and add the strained juice. Ginger and green tea are popular flavors among lemon tekkers. 


Iced tea works just as well. Add some cold water to the mix and stir in a natural sweetener like honey to enhance the taste. Mixing lemon tek with tea is highly beneficial as both appear to reduce nausea upon drinking. 


lemon tek


Which Other Citrus Fruits Work Well For Lemon Tek?

Although users claim excellent results with various fruits, lime is the best replacement for lemons. The fruit’s pH levels are similar—in the 2–2.5 range—and react similarly with shrooms. 


Other citrus fruits, like oranges and pineapples, don’t work as well for lemon tek. Their pH is often between 3.2–4.3, which exceeds the highest levels in stomach acid of 3.5. The general rule of thumb is the liquid should have a lower amount than this to work for lemon tekking.


If you’re feeling adventurous, try some other alternatives consumers claim to work, like pomegranate juice, balsamic vinegar, and cheap red wine.


Benefits Of Lemon Tekking

Why do consumers choose this consumption method? What is lemon tek good for?


Lemon tekking provides a range of advantages over other ways of ingesting your shrooms. Some benefits are experience-based, whereas others might help your overall well-being before, during, and after the trip. 


Check out these reasons why lemon tek is worth trying.


Make A Small Amount Of Shrooms Go Further

We don’t all have the cash to splash out on our favorite shrooms whenever we want. One of the best reasons to lemon tek mushrooms is to make them go a lot further. To achieve the psychedelic sensations you want, you only need a third or up to half of your normal dosage.


This economical technique makes your shroom supply last longer and saves you a few pennies in the process. 


Decrease Nausea And Heavy Load

One of the top reasons the lemon tek method is rapidly growing in popularity is its ability to reduce nausea. Many users experience this not-so-pleasant side effect when consuming mushrooms—often during the onset and sometimes during their trip. 


You might accept nausea as part of the shroom journey, but it can make it unpleasant for others, distracting the overall experience.


Other techniques exist to reduce sickness while on mushrooms, like eating them on an empty stomach or consuming a bit of ginger before. The lemon tek approach is another effective and tastier way to keep nausea at bay.


Some users also suffer from a heavy body sensation as they come up. Your stomach needs to digest raw mushrooms, which sometimes causes a “body load” or “heavy load.” When you lemon tek shrooms, the process does the hard work for you, making for a more enjoyable experience.


Disguises The Mushroom’s Taste

We don’t all love the taste of mushrooms. Dried shrooms have a strong flavor, and if you don’t enjoy it, they can be hard to swallow. When you know how to make lemon tek properly, you disguise the taste with citrus juice, which helps you ingest them easier. 


Speed Up The Onset Of Effects

Not everyone enjoys the wait for the come up after consuming shrooms. It takes up to 90 minutes to digest mushrooms naturally—that’s a long time!


Suppose you don’t want to hang around and prefer to enjoy your psychedelic trip as soon as possible, knowing how to lemon tek is helpful. Some users start to come up after just 10 minutes. We like the sound of that!


Why does it work quicker?


The lemon tek process already breaks down the mushrooms and partly digests them for you, meaning less work for your stomach.


Shorten The Experience’s Duration

Don’t want to stay up late after enjoying your dose of shrooms? Preparing a lemon tek tea or enjoying it in a shot shortens the trip and the come down drastically. 


On a normal shroom journey, you reach the peak after three hours. This stage happens a lot sooner—after a couple of hours—with lemon tek, meaning you come down and can get to bed sooner. Expect the overall journey to last 4–6 hours instead of the usual 6–8.


Some users also report getting a better night’s sleep with the lemon tek method. After consuming shrooms the conventional way and despite coming down, they find it hard to doze off. The shorter trip duration might be responsible for stopping their mind from racing. 


A More Potent Trip

The combination of citrus fruit and your mushrooms in lemon tek usually makes for a stronger experience—although not everyone agrees. You need fewer shrooms to create the concoction, so it’d be much more potent if you used the normal amount.


Other consumers state that when you lemon tek mushrooms, the experience becomes more profound. Your sensory perception greatly enhances, and sounds and visuals reach another level. 


Less Exhaustion Afterward

A regular shroom trip can make you feel extremely tired afterward, thanks to the many bodily effects it causes. Some consumers exert a lot of energy on their journey and end up exhausted. 


A lemon tek trip is much less likely to make you this tired. The experience is more cerebral, and the shorter duration means less time for you to wear yourself out.


Hop On The Lemon Tek Bandwagon 

Lemon tekking shrooms is booming amongst fungus heads, and it’s easy to see why. This consumption method brings your trip on faster, shortens the duration, and may even help combat the dreaded nausea.


Lemon tek does the hard work of digesting mushrooms for you, so your stomach enjoys a break. Enjoy more psychedelic sensations than with normal shrooms and avoid feeling exhausted afterward.


What’s not to like? 


We can’t guarantee you’ll experience these exact feelings, but there’s no harm in trying. Plenty of anecdotal evidence backs up the benefits of the lemon tek method.


Want to learn more about shrooms, how they work, and other consumption methods? Check out our online blog for expert tips and advice and pick up some spores from our store