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Bethany Nursing and Rehab is one of the leading nursing homes in Denver, CO. We offer a comprehensive range of services from skilled nursing, wound care, and physical therapy to respite services and bariatric care. With over 50 years of operations, we offer the best short-term rehab services in Colorado.

How do you tell if a wound is healing or infected?

If you recently had a cut, a surgical wound, or an accident wound, it will mostly heal within a couple of days. In some cases, the wound can get infected and lead to serious complications. This occurs as a result of the lack of enough white blood cells in your body to fight the germs. If you notice signs of redness around the wound, yellow or green colored pus or drainage from your injury, it may be a sign of infection. Call your doctor or visit a wound specialist right away.

Other signs of infection include inflammation, pain around the wound site, fever, and tenderness. Your doctor may try to manage the infection by prescribing antibiotics. If it is an open wound, your doctor may try to seal it with sutures or stitches. We offer the best wound care at our nursing home in Denver at affordable prices. We have a 24/7 in-house wound specialist to monitor and supervise you in the recovery process.

Benefits of cardiac rehabilitation

For those who have recently gone through a heart attack or heart failure, cardiac rehabilitation becomes an inevitable part of the recovery process. Cardiac rehab ensures that you do not get another heart attack in the future. It is the process of teaching you a healthy lifestyle and mindful eating habits to protect your heart. Benefits of a cardiac program include:

  • Helps you regain your physical strength and reboots your stamina after a heart attack
  • Helps to alleviate symptoms of heart conditions
  • It helps adapt a healthier lifestyle and a strict diet regime. A dietician will work closely with you to carefully plan your daily meals
  • Reduces stress and offers relaxation to your mind and body
  • Helps to reduce anxiety, depression, and helps maintain emotional stability

Besides, our cardiac rehab program equips our residents to deal with their everyday life with ease and energy.

Furthermore, undergoing cardiac rehab decreases your chances of death after a heart attack or heart surgery by 30%

Choosing a Nursing Home

Selecting a nursing home can be challenging, especially when you, the person requiring care, have different preferences than the rest of the family. Find a nursing home that is close to the senior’s family and friends. This way, frequent visits can be more easy for you and other family members. Each nursing home specializes in a particular treatment, make sure to choose a home that matches with the medical needs of your loved one. 

Get in touch with our team at Bethany Nursing and Rehab for more information on our treatments. We are one of the leading nursing homes in Denver, CO, to offer top-notch care for the elderly in a facility precisely equipped to meet their needs.

Nursing Homes Denver Co

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Nursing Homes Denver Co

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