There is no question about it, magic mushrooms or those that contain the psychedelic element of psilocybin, are a hot topic in today’s world. With some states leading the way such as Oregon and Colorado in their legalization for medicinal use, psilocybin mushrooms are making big leaps into our culture. Psilocybin varieties, such as Penis Envy Mushrooms, are sought after for their psychedelic effects which in some studies have shown to be successful in the treatment of severe depression. Hallucinogenic effects are a common characteristic amongst all magic mushrooms, an organic LSD experience as some refer to. These unique effects are still being researched to this day, and there are a growing number of followers eager for their results. For those individuals wanting to find quality products though, the search for where to find Penis Envy Mushrooms still remains somewhat daunting. With most states in the US, and other countries in general having them illegal to buy or have in possession, it can seem like no easy task in finding psilocybin mushrooms. In fact, the Penis Envy variety are still a bit of a mystery, and true specimens and spores are harder to find than other types of magic mushrooms.

But, with their popularity on the rise, and knowledge at hand, it is entirely possible to acquire these magical little wonders.

What’s So Special About Penis Envy Mushrooms

This may come as no surprise, but yes, these mushrooms get their name from the fact that they do indeed look like the male reproductive organ. Characterized by their strange appearance, with a dense, bulbous, and wrinkly stipe, these mushrooms often are on the larger size of the spectrum. Their bulbous cap may or may not open up and separate from the usually very thick stem. Their colors range typical of other psilocybin species, from a light tan to darker brown, with variations amongst varieties. Unlike what some people claim or believe, the spores of the Penis Envy Mushroom do in fact look the same as the cubensis strain. As with all mushrooms, spore size, color, and shape are and look the same. Even under a microscope an observer may not be able to see any differences between. But what sets the Penis Envy Mushroom apart from others is they do not open up their cap in the same way for spore release. Therefore spore collection is far more difficult than their P. Cubensis cousins. 

However as far as their origin, there is no clear evidence on where this mushroom comes from besides theories of being a mutant. No one truly knows where this mushroom came to be, with only theories of their beginnings from famous mycologists like Terence McKenna and Steven Pollock. No specific proof has been found with their discovery, but it is believed by some that  the specimens known today derived from a created unique mutation from the Amazonian Cubensis species McKenna carried in his store. And this is important to understand as there are still no confirmed facts, and unfortunately mislabeled findings. With the confusion and variation some people may identify other specimens as Penis Envy Mushrooms, when they in fact are not true ones. In a recent revelation, the Penis Envy Mushroom is the result of a recessive genetic mutation. Meaning the mushroom must exhibit two mutated copies, or it will not exhibit the properties of the original mushroom. This was discovered when labs found that the Penis Envy Mushrooms can revert to looking like a cubensis mushroom. Other misidentified mushrooms may look like the Penis Envy variety, but in actuality are not. They probably only have one mutated copy, which means visually, it will not look like it should.

Known Effects That Can Derive From Penis Envy Mushroom Use

All mushrooms containing psilocybin, for example Penis Envy Mushrooms, give consumers known effects similar to those of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD). These effects can and do include an altered perception of time, space, surroundings. An immense change in mood and/or feelings has also been reported to be felt after consumption/use. As for psilocybin in general, possible effects include: Euphoria, Paranoia, Peacefulness, Spiritual Awakening, Confusion, and Quickly Changing Emotions. Derealization is also common for mushroom effects, which is the feeling that an individual’s surroundings are not real. Distorted Thinking, Visual Alteration, Distortions, Frightening Hallucinations, and Depersonalization are also some mushroom effects known. One key factor to understand about Penis Envy Mushroom is that the strain used to cultivate them is known to be a powerful one. Also, they grow very slowly, much slower than the normal P. Cubensis mushrooms which affects their potency. Because of their slow growth, it takes a longer period of time to produce the psilocybin that gives it the hallucinogenic properties. Therefore, as a result Penis Envy Mushrooms will contain more psilocybin in every gram as compared to their P. Cubensis counterpart. No matter which variety a consumer chooses, psilocybin mushrooms contain a slight amount of poison and are highly variable. They can cause unpredictable effects, depending on how consumed, how much consumed, and who takes them. Staying informed of their effects is equally important and can set the tone for an experience. 

On the other side of the coin, psychological distress is most often the reported negative effects after recreational use of mushrooms that contain psilocybin, such as Penis Envy Mushrooms. This distress can take the form of extreme anxiety or short-term psychosis, depending on the individual’s experience. The environment factor in which an individual or group experiences taking Penis Envy Mushrooms, or other magic mushrooms, is important as well. Those who partake in consuming psilocybin in a calm and supportive environment tend to have a more positive transforming experience. Again, wisely looking where to find Penis Envy Mushrooms is important in ensuring a premium product is found before use and/or consumption. 

Why The Difficulty In Where To Find Penis Envy Mushrooms?

One of the biggest reasons for misidentification, and the difficulty in where to find Penis Envy Mushrooms is spore accumulation. This particular type of mushroom does not release spores in a normal way, thus making it hard to collect spores. The reason this strain of cubensis mushroom spores is so difficult to find is because less than five percent of the mushrooms drop spores. However, it is an aggressive fruiter, producing some monsters in later flushes as reported. In any case, there are still places you can find magic mushrooms sold as dried pieces that you eat in food, mix in with drinks, or in a few instances, eat them fresh. Again though, be aware that psilocybin mushrooms are considered a Schedule I drug in the United States, and they are not legal. (With the exception of Oregon as of January 2021.)

Great Resources In Finding Out More About 27

Joining fungi community groups in your city and online are also great resources in learning where to find Penis Envy Mushrooms. Like minded individuals tend to share reliable information as to where to locate them responsibly. Most often fungi groups share a common love for their magical friends and are enthusiastic when it comes to learning and sharing information about them. Each person on this earth holds vast information and knowledge that they themselves have acquired through personal experience and the meeting of others along their path in life. The only way this knowledge is shared is through the human experience and each other, hence why community groups online and offline remain popular amongst the people. This resource of information tends to be the most current as well, as communication is more direct and first-hand. Also, If you hunt wild mushrooms, make sure you are an expert at identifying them. Severe pain and even death is a result for those that have identified toxic mushrooms incorrectly on top of being unsure where to find Penis Envy Mushrooms and other psilocybin mushrooms. 

Taking the time to find a reliable online resource is a great step in your search for where to find Penis Envy Mushrooms, or any mushrooms for that matter. This can be done by looking into reviews, validity of a website, and online forums that share their experience with reputable companies. Using a reliable and reputable retailer for Penis Envy Mushrooms is also a quite beneficial and valuable resource. One such retailer is Fungus Head, a trusted source and provider of everything psilocybin and has everything you need to grow your very own. Not only do mushroom retailers take pride in providing information about Penis Envy Mushrooms to interested individuals, but provide the supplies needed for any mushroom experimentation. Keep in mind though, psilocybin mushroom spores retailers will deny the sale if they suspect they will be intended for cultivation purposes without the proper licensing. On a federal level, and in most of the United States and world for that matter, cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms is still illegal. Informed and reputable retailers operate their businesses in accordance with the laws, they would not exist without taking necessary precautions.

Are Penis Envy Mushroom Spores Legal To Buy?

For the most part, psilocybin mushroom spores are legal to own and possess in the United States. However, most states have made laws that criminalize the actual possession, transportation, germination, cultivation, and distribution of all mushrooms that contain psilocybin. But again, most states do not have laws against having magic mushroom spores in one’s possession. The only exceptions to those are the states of Georgia, Idaho, and California which have their own unique laws regarding psilocybin mushroom spores. Specifically, Georgia and Idaho have banned the importation of psilocybin spores into those states, by their residents. While California has banned the importation of psilocybin spores into the state, only if the buyer has an intent to germinate or manufacture the psilocybin mushroom spores. California’s legal stance in regard to psilocybin mushroom spores:

“Except as otherwise authorized by law, every person who, with intent to produce a controlled substance specified in paragraph (18) or (19) of subdivision (d) of Section 11054, cultivates any spores or mycelium capable of producing mushrooms or other material which contains such a controlled substance shall be punished by imprisonment in the county jail for a period of not more than one year or in the state prison.”

One very exciting prospect and look into the future is the recent legalization of psilocybin in the state of Oregon, official in January 2021. With more and more growing interest in magic mushrooms (or those that contain the psychedelic psilocybin) and their use in mental health and medicine, who knows what the future holds! 

Where To Find Authentic Penis Envy Mushrooms

Where to buy Penis Envy Mushrooms is not the easiest place to find, but in today’s world it is in fact more accessible than in the past. When searching online for where to find authentic Penis Envy Mushrooms, make sure to look for some key services the retailer can provide. Such services should include: knowledgeable staff members, discreet and professional shipping options with order tracking and reliable delivery, and of course excellent customer service available at any time. Knowledgeable staff members should be well aware of their city, state, and country laws/regulations concerning psilocybin mushrooms. Clear communication and excellent customer service from an online provider should also be apparent once contacted. After those key services are confirmed, narrowing down a potential Penis Envy Mushroom retailer to one that has a quality and easy to navigate website and positive reviews is a gread indication that an individual has found where to find Penis Envy Mushrooms safely. Providers and retailers that offer premium options can end up saving an interested consumer time, money, and energy in their search. Only a reliable and reputable source for magic mushrooms will ensure you receive customer satisfaction in a professional way that ensures you come back time and time again.

Checking customer reviews and forums are other great ways in locating a reputable source in your search for where to find Penis Envy Mushrooms. Again though, be advised that psilocybin mushroom spores retailers will deny the sale if they suspect they will be intended for cultivation purposes without the proper licensing. Stay safe, stay knowledgeable, and enjoy your search for the magic that is Penis Envy Mushrooms! Check out more at our website, Fungushead for more information