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A Comprehensive Guide to Mushroom Spore Identification

Fungus Freddy   |   April 15, 2023

Mushroom spore identification is a crucial tool in the mycologist’s arsenal. It lets researchers unlock the fungal kingdom’s secrets and explore the vast diversity of its species. This field isn’t...

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When to Use Spore Syringes vs. Spore Swabs

Fungus Freddy   |   January 23, 2023

Mycological terms can confuse a newbie. One of the first examples relates to samples they might study: spore syringes and spore swabs. These two terms refer to ways a hobbyist might acquire spores...

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Spore Syringe, Liquid Culture, Print, or Swab? What to Use, When, and Why

Fungus Freddy   |   November 14, 2022

The world of mycology can be confusing at first. A liquid culture is entirely different from a spore syringe, though they look alike and are often mixed up. A spore...

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How To Store Your Mushroom Spore Syringe And More

Fungus Freddy   |   September 9, 2022

So, you’ve performed your research, and you realize you’ve got a lot more mushroom spores left over than you thought. Many mushroom spore enthusiasts find themselves in this position and...

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