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Mushroom Music: How Fungi Are Inspiring Innovative Sound Art and Acoustic Design

Fungus Freddy   |   June 2, 2023

Fungi are intricate organisms deeply connected to nature that are inspiring beautiful mushroom music. That’s right; biodata sonification is making waves, allowing humans to transform fungi’s biological frequencies into funky...

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Edible Insects and Fungi: A Sustainable Protein Source for the Future

Fungus Freddy   |   May 19, 2023

Edible insects and fungi are emerging as a promising dietary protein as earth’s population continues to grow and natural resources become strained.  While the idea of eating bugs may seem...

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Jamaica’s Growing Tourism Industry Involves Psychedelic Mushrooms

Fungus Freddy   |   January 4, 2023

Turquoise waters, lush jungles, a colorful culture: Jamaica has it all, even psychedelic mushrooms. The cannabis-friendly island nation is open-minded towards other consciousness-expanding substances, too. It recently captured international attention...

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6 Most Common Types of Fungi Mycoremediation

Fungus Freddy   |   December 7, 2022

Throughout history, we’ve seen mushrooms as tasty, medicinal, and consciousness-expanding. Thanks to mycoremediation, they might also become key to saving the planet.  Fungi break down chemicals in ways that regenerate...

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Fungi in Space: An Outer World Look at this Mysterious Organism

Fungus Freddy   |   August 24, 2022

It’s said that magic mushrooms are a doorway to another world, but did you know there are fungi in space? Research into mycelium of all mushroom types has allowed us...

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