Enigma Spore Syringe


The Enigma is a variant within the Psilocybe cubensis species with a unique mutation, The source of Ecuadorian magic mushrooms remains unknown, however, it is thought to have been initially found in the elevated areas of Ecuador in South America.

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Enigma Cubensis Spores from the Enigma mushroom strain present an excellent opportunity for microscopic study due to their distinct color and size, which facilitate easy identification. Their smooth surface texture enhances visibility into the spores’ internal structures, providing deep insights into the biology of this mushroom strain.

  • Genus: Psilocybe
  • Species: Cubensis
  • Strain: Enigma
  • Spore Color: Purple-brown to black

Enigma Spore Syringe

We prioritize genetic diversity when selecting strains, ensuring the provision of superior genetics for your research. Each syringe is filled with purified water to safeguard against potential contaminants and clearly labeled with the strain name, accompanied by a visual identifier for straightforward recognition.

Our Enigma microscopy kit includes:

  • Pre-filled 10cc Syringe: Offers convenient access to high-quality Enigma spores for your research endeavors.
  • Sterile Alcohol Swab: Promotes a clean research environment, crucial for the accurate and reliable identification of spores.
  • Sharp Sterile Needle: Allows for precise handling of spores, optimizing your microscopy observations.

To prepare for microscopic examination of the Enigma spores, sterilize the slide and cover slip with rubbing alcohol. Place a tiny droplet of water on the slide, then add a small quantity of the spore solution. After covering with the slip, gently press to spread the spores. You’re now set to observe the spores under the microscope.