Golden Teacher Spore Syringe


The Golden Teacher mushroom strain is renowned among mycologists and researchers of psychedelic mushroom spores. It is considered suitable for both novice and experienced researchers in the field of psychedelics. With our high-quality mushroom spore kit, it becomes easy to Read More...

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Golden Teacher Mushroom Spores

Our Golden Teacher spore syringe microscopy kit comes with 10ml of quality Golden Teacher mushroom spores packaged into a laboratory grade syringe, with an included sterile needle for research purposes. Our Golden Teacher mushroom spores are intended only for microscopy use. Sales will be declined to California, Idaho, & Georgia.

The Golden Teacher Mushroom is a popular strain of the psilocybe cubensis mushroom. These are some of the most common magic mushroom spores, second perhaps to the well known B+ Cubensis.

General Overview

The Golden Teacher strain is a popular choice among mycologists, thanks to its versatility for both beginners and advanced enthusiasts. It’s one of the most famous strains in the magic mushroom community. Aptly named, GT has a beautiful broad golden cap and a thick, winding stem with pale white coloration. Immature caps are cone-shaped and range from 20 to 80 millimeters in diameter, eventually flattening as they mature.

The gills of the Golden Teacher strain are distinguished by their close spacing and dark coloration, even when fully mature. When bruised, the Golden Teacher mushrooms acquire a unique blue tinge, as with other P. Cubensis strains

The Golden Teacher is highly resistant to contamination, making it an ideal strain for novices to study. Whatever your research skill level, this strain’s versatility and unique characteristics make it a must-try in the world of psychedelic mushrooms. It is the preferred strain for many researchers studying the biology and ecology of shrooms.

Legality, Recommendations, and More

We welcome you to learn more about psilocybin mushroom spores using our Golden Teacher mushroom spore kit, or any of our other spore kits by further browsing our site. Be sure to also check with your local state regulations before ordering magic mushroom spores. These are legal in 47 of the 50 states, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. For more information, check out our article on buying psilocybin mushroom spores.

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*All psilocybin mushroom spores are intended for microscopy research only.  Spores are not intended for consumption. Orders requesting shipment to California, Idaho, & Georgia will be denied. Please check with your local laws and regulations before ordering.*

Strain Review

The Golden Teacher is a popular and versatile strain with a beautiful golden cap and thick stem. Its resistance to contamination makes it ideal for novice researchers. This strain is a preferred choice for research about the biology and ecology of magic mushrooms.