Hillbilly Spore Syringe


The Hillbilly Cubensis strain is a distinguished member of the Psilocybe cubensis species, known for flourishing in warm and humid conditions. This strain is commonly found across subtropical areas, thriving in cow pastures and woodlands, where it feeds on decomposing Read More...

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Hillbilly mushroom Spores
The spores of the psilocybe cubensis Hillbilly mushroom are fascinating subjects for microscopic exploration. Their unique coloration and dimensions make them readily identifiable. The spores’ smooth surface texture further facilitates the observation of their internal features, offering valuable insights into the species’ biological characteristics.

– Genus: Psilocybe
– Species: Cubensis
– Strain: Hillbilly
– Spore Color: Purple-brown to black

Hillbilly Spore Syringe
Our selection process ensures the inclusion of genetically diverse strains, guaranteeing the highest quality of genetics for your study. Each spore syringe is infused with purified water to shield against contamination. The syringes are meticulously labeled with the strain’s designation and accompanied by a visual representation for straightforward identification.

Included in our Hillbilly microscopy kit:

– Pre-filled 10cc Syringe: Provides easy access to top-quality Hillbilly spores for your study
– Sterile Alcohol Swab: Ensures a sterile research setting for reliable and accurate spore identification
– Sharp Sterile Needle: Facilitates precise spore application, enhancing your microscopic examination experience

To examine the Hillbilly spores under a microscope, start by sterilizing the slide and cover slip with rubbing alcohol. Next, place a small drop of water on the slide and introduce a modest amount of the spore solution. Cover with the slip and gently press to spread the spores evenly. You are now ready to view the spores through the microscope.